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2017 - 06 - 01
[Abstract] endurance problems are seriously restricting the actual use of electric vehicles, when the electric car has 10% of the electricity, how do you deal with it?The economic and environmental attributes of electric vehicles make it one of the most popular travel tools, but the endurance problem is seriously restricting the actual use of electric vehicles. Thus, in the author's "advocacy" electric cars will become the first choice for urban travel in the future, it was thrown to the author of a question, when the electric car still has 10% of the electricity, how do you deal...
2017 - 06 - 01
In general, the electric vehicle battery charging heat are similar, not very high, but not low in the normal range, will not hurt the battery, but if the battery charger is not overheating and turn lights phenomenon, you need to be treated with caution.Sometimes an electric car battery gets unusually hot when charging or using it, which could lower battery capacity and shorten battery life. Electric vehicle battery charging heating reasons are charger, quality problems. If that happens, we must be careful.In general, the electric vehicle battery charging heat are similar, not very high, but no...
2017 - 06 - 01
"Loss of power" is a kind of damage to the battery plate coating caused by excessive discharge when the battery is low and the voltage is low. The working voltage of any vehicle mounted appliance has a standard range, more than this range, electrical appliances short circuit or even burn down, below this range, electrical appliances can not start or work properly, and even affect the service life.The occurrence of electricity is not the case, mostly because the battery for a long time from the discharge, resulting in loss of electricity, or generated by the formation of sulfide. As l...
2017 - 06 - 01
Lithium battery charger with overvoltage protection and temperature protection function, lithium battery charger external limiting current charging power supply and P channel field-effect tube, can fast charge safe and effective for single lithium battery, its biggest feature is that it can still achieve very low power dissipation without using inductors, by 8 feet. MAX package. The charge control accuracy of 0.75%, can achieve the pre charging, the longest charging time limit for lithium battery provides two protection, lithium battery charger charging mode can make the charge to the maximum ...
2017 - 06 - 01
Maintenance of common troublesAs the input circuit of the electric vehicle charger works in the state of high voltage and too high current, the fault rate is the highest. Such as high voltage high current transistor, rectifier filter capacitor, power switch tube; the second is easy to damage is part of the output rectifier diode rectifier, diode protection, filter capacitor, a current limiting resistor; then the PWM controller and feedback protection circuit.1. fuse tube fuseIn general, fuse tube fuses indicate that the internal circuit of the charger has a short circuit or overcurrent fault. ...
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