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2020 - 12 - 08
The 29th edition of EurobikeShow will take place in Lake Constance as the main industry meeting point next year from Wednesday 1 to Saturday 4 September 2021. The new concept makes it possible to plan ahead with certainty and creating target group-specific, secure meeting points for an international audience.See you next year!
2020 - 07 - 09
It has become the preferred mode of transport and the pastime of choice for millions of people in the coronavirus era. But the cycling revolution has been stopped in its tracks — by a worldwide shortage of bikes.Many stores around the world have been selling out as soon as new bikes are delivered, leaving shop floors empty but for premium brands and frustrated customers on months-long waiting lists. Bike manufacturers in western markets and the two biggest Asian producers, China and Taiwan, have struggled to meet the surging demand as the effects of the pandemic continue to resonate. ...
2019 - 08 - 08
On August 7, Tesla announced through the official Weibo that Tesla's Shanghai super factory was successfully built. It has only been in operation for seven months and is expected to be put into production by the end of 2019. The microblog map shows that the main body of the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory has been basically completed. Earlier, Tesla disclosed in a document that he was confident of achieving the tax targets set by the Shanghai Super Factory. The document also pointed out that Tesla agreed to pay 2.23 billion yuan ($324 million) in taxes and fees to China from 2023 onwards. On ...
2019 - 07 - 30
Tesla will soon air Netflix and YouTube content on its vehicle screens, according to Elon Musk. The videos will only play while the car is parked, or while moving 'when full self-driving is approved by regulators,' he said. While Musk didn't announce a specific date for the new feature, a rollout could happen as early as August. Musk has long wanted Tesla vehicles to offer up entertainment content, according to Business Insider. • Here’s what people are saying.In one of the most 'ambitious' collaborations between old finance and new tech, Apple and ...
2017 - 06 - 07
[Abstract] the apparel industry representative brands, such as H&M, Zara people; catering industry also has, such as gangster Sibelius, grandmother, sea fishing, these people throughout life, each to a strange city, they will bring you a sense of familiarity, so why not electric cars is this effect?        Redefining the electric car is family        "Ode to joy 2", Qiu Yingying said a word, "men such as clothes, sisters such as brothers and feet", Xiao Bian can think of adding a sentence, e...
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