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2017 - 06 - 01
There are 6 main types of charger for electric vehicles, as follows:1 peak voltage control: to determine the end of the charge by detecting the voltage of the battery, the charge will be terminated when the voltage reaches its peak value.2, TCO control: when the battery temperature rises a certain value, stop charging.3 time control. This is the simplest form of charging control for an electric car charger. The charging end is controlled by setting a certain charging time, which is normally controlled according to the corresponding time required by the nominal capacity of the battery. Standard...
2017 - 06 - 01
1 fuse tube fuseThe fuse tube fusing shows that the internal circuit of the electric charger has short circuit or over-current fault. This is because the charger for a long time to work in high voltage, high current status, the higher the failure rate of internal components. In addition, the power grid voltage fluctuations, surge will cause the instantaneous increase in the charger and fuse fuse.2 the DC voltage output is too highThis failure is often to voltage sampling and voltage control circuit is abnormal, in the electric vehicle charger, DC output, sampling resistor, error sampling ampli...
2017 - 06 - 01
A larger current will damage the batteryIt is better not to use the fast charger frequentlyIn the urban areas of many electric car maintenance department, or newspaper and magazine kiosks next to, there will be suchelectric cars, fast charging station, charging electricity every dayMany cars, of course, many people are convenient for the map, save trouble, fast.Electric car fast charging station can solve the electric carhalfway anchor "urgent matter", the general electric vehicle charger output voltage is 36 - 48 voltsThe principle of fast charge is to transfer the current to a fast...
2017 - 06 - 01
Constant current charging of electric vehicle charger constant current charging means that the battery is charged with piecewise constant current charging method, and the current is adjusted by charging device to achieve. Its main feature is that the charging method has greater adaptability, and the charging current can be arbitrarily selected and adjusted. So it can be for different condition and battery state of charge (such as battery charging, battery charging at the beginning of the used and went charging). The utility model is especially suitable for charging small batteries with long cu...
2017 - 06 - 01
Nowadays, the market competition is fierce, so is the electric vehicle industry. Battery is the main driving force of electric vehicles, equivalent to the car's engine. Electric vehicle charger also plays a quite important role, the current electric vehicle charger varieties, pulse charger, lithium battery charger and so on, if the electric car charger use inferior, not only reduces the electric car battery car mileage is reduced and the service life of electric vehicle battery.Then, how to buy electric car charger?1, because in the use of electric vehicles, because the charger is an external ...
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