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2017 - 06 - 23
How to do the maintenance of electric bicycle battery?The first is to use high-quality electric vehicle charger, charger directly affect the life of electric vehicle battery.Electric vehicle charger is generally 36V lead-acid battery constant current charger: main parameters: 220V AC input, the highest output voltage 42V, constant current charge current is 2.2V, when the voltage of the battery charge to 42V, then automatically switch to trickle mode, and full of instructions.Batteries for electric vehicles are mainly divided into dry lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, lithium-ion batter...
2017 - 06 - 01
Congratulations to Shenzhen Atnen Energy Technology Co. Ltd to participate in the 2019 session of the twenty-seventh China International Bicycle Exhibition success.        Shenzhen Aite Technology Co. as a leader in the charger industry participated in this event, the exhibition held on May 6, 2017 to 9, the exhibition covers an area of 140 thousand square meters, accommodates 7000 booths, welcome from all over the world exhibitors and visitors. 'Six activities' in the new exhibition hall new appearance, with excellent geographical position, for ...
2017 - 06 - 01
The demand for charging facilities for electric vehicles is like the demand for fuel gas stations. The safe, convenient and efficient charging experience is the continuous pursuit of the new energy automotive industry.In 2015, guidelines for the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and other four ministries "(2015-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide") will charge the number of construction facilities and intercity fast charging network construction in the plan...
2017 - 06 - 01
Yesterday, the Zhengzhou marine Road community, there has been a special intelligent electric vehicle charging station device, as long as the use of mobile phones to sweep away, you can easily charge for electric vehicles.Zhengzhou pilot intelligent charging pileMobile phone scanning code can charge for electric vehiclesThe charging system is full of automatic power-off, electric heating wire, overload protection and so on. It can prevent short circuit fire caused by overchargeElectric cars are cheap and easy to use, but in recent years, fires caused by electric cars have also been on the rise...
2017 - 06 - 01
[Abstract] endurance problems are seriously restricting the actual use of electric vehicles, when the electric car has 10% of the electricity, how do you deal with it?The economic and environmental attributes of electric vehicles make it one of the most popular travel tools, but the endurance problem is seriously restricting the actual use of electric vehicles. Thus, in the author's "advocacy" electric cars will become the first choice for urban travel in the future, it was thrown to the author of a question, when the electric car still has 10% of the electricity, how do you deal...
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