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How far away is the power charge from electric cars?

Date: 2017-06-01
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 The demand for charging facilities for electric vehicles is like the demand for fuel gas stations. The safe, convenient and efficient charging experience is the continuous pursuit of the new energy automotive industry.
In 2015, guidelines for the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and other four ministries "(2015-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide") will charge the number of construction facilities and intercity fast charging network construction in the planning area. The "guide" requirements, before 2020, the formation of "four vertical and four horizontal (vertical: Shen, Beijing Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao; four horizontal: green bank, Lianhuo, Shanghai Chengdu and Shanghai Kunming) intercity fast charge network, built more than 1000 city fast charging station.
After the construction in recent years, the domestic charging facilities have begun to take shape, and the next step is to solve the problem of how to improve the charging efficiency.
Domestic into the initial stage
High power charge, as its name suggests, is the use of high voltage, high current, electric vehicles will be full of electricity in a short time. In 2012, Tesla officially launched Supercharger. The company's CTO JB Straubel believes that with the continuous progress of technology, the future Tesla will do 5 to 10 minutes for electric vehicles full of electricity. In reality, Tesla has been constantly strive for this goal in December 26th last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a comprehensive upgrade of Tesla super charging pile, the charging power increased from 120kW to 350kW, which is 10 minutes with 300km mileage of electricity. At the same time, the United States, a "EVgo" charging operators also announced that it built the world's first 350kW super charging station has started.
Europe in the construction of high-power charging station is also unwilling to lag behind, last year, BMW, Daimler and Audi and other 5 car companies jointly announced that it will build a 350kW fast charging network.
Reporters observed that foreign 350kW seems to be the construction of high-power charging target, but the domestic definition of high-power range has not yet formed a unified opinion. However, enterprises generally power up to more than 60kW of equipment called high-power charging pile, more than 120kW is super power charging pile. Held in the days before the "2017 Chinese international electric vehicle charging infrastructure Exhibition", the reporter did not see the actual product of high power, high power and for what should be by what standard, each enterprise is not a. The general manager of the cyclones combined with new energy investment Co. Ltd. Shi Zezhong believes, 60kW ~150kW has been regarded as a high power charging pile. "The state charge current is below 250A, the voltage is below 750V, so it seems that the power of 150kW has been great. If we use 350kW charging pile, we should break the standard."." Shi Zezhong expresses.
Although the reporter did not see in the exhibition high-power charging products on display, but it is understood that all enterprises have been targeted in this area. Zhejiang Kazuma new energy Co. Ltd. as an example, high-power charging equipment has become the focus of research and development and production, currently the company has successfully developed the 20kW charging module, the next step is the 30kW module, this year will launch a large power charging products. "Our current products are mainly concentrated in the 60kW ~150kW, the next stage will produce 350kW products, and even more powerful equipment."." Shi Zezhong says.
Demand and policy are the two drivers
Market demand is the main driver of technology and product update iterations. Consumer demand for fast charging and extended mileage products has prompted electric car makers to upgrade their products. According to the electric vehicle technology route to Europe and other countries, is expected to 2020 or so, the battery capacity will reach 100kWh, the mileage will reach 500KM requirements, charging time is about 15min, is proposed to achieve the requirements of the 350kW~500kW for charging power.
For example, Porsche will be the concept "Mission-E" as the foundation, launched a new car driving power, mileage will exceed 500KM, is expected to be listed before 2020. The day before, the FAW - Volkswagen Audi announced electric SUV localization production mileage of 500 KM.
In the eyes of Shenzhen CLOU electronic Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Cao Feng, continued high mileage vehicle launch requires larger battery capacity, to ensure that the products can be accepted by consumers, we must promote the development of high-power charging technology and popularization.
Poly electric network technology co founder Lu Xiaochen believes that the large power charging large charging pile is mainly applied to the centralized station, especially for bus, taxi and logistics operating vehicles, the charging efficiency and time is the major influence factors of operators or operators, many factors in charge income so that these sites are mainly DC the configuration is high power charging pile.
At home, in addition to market demand, policy driven is another important factor in the development of high-power charging. The new version of "the promotion of new energy vehicles subsidy scheme and product technical requirements", the "non fast charge type electric bus battery system energy density is higher than that of 85Wh/kg, the fast charge electric bus type fast charge rate is higher than that of 3C (1/3 C hours full charge rate)", this to promote charging facilities for enterprises the development of high power charging.
Visible, whether from the market or policy level, high-power charging has become the future trend of development.
Technical difficulties, standards, differences exist
Although the prospect of high-power charging is optimistic, there are still many technical bottlenecks. The first is security. Cao Feng, for example, said: "at the beginning of this year, there was a charging accident, mainly caused by high-power charging, grid fluctuations, impact on equipment, power grid fluctuations."

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