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Cautious! Electric car battery charging fever, these four reasons you need to know!

Date: 2017-06-01
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 In general, the electric vehicle battery charging heat are similar, not very high, but not low in the normal range, will not hurt the battery, but if the battery charger is not overheating and turn lights phenomenon, you need to be treated with caution.
Sometimes an electric car battery gets unusually hot when charging or using it, which could lower battery capacity and shorten battery life. Electric vehicle battery charging heating reasons are charger, quality problems. If that happens, we must be careful.
In general, the electric vehicle battery charging heat are similar, not very high, but not low in the normal range, will not hurt the battery, but if the battery charger is not overheating and turn lights phenomenon, you need to be treated with caution.
Professionals pointed out that the electric vehicle battery in the charging, the reason for excessive fever, fever, mainly for the following four reasons:
1. the battery does not match the charger
This is the most common, most families have one or more electric cars, and many families are different brands of electric vehicles, battery charger is different, but in the use process, often mixed with this mismatch will lead to the battery charger when the mobile power supply heat therefore, hot fever situation, in this regard, the proposal does not easily use other brand charger, only their own.
2. charger problems caused by fever
General charger no pulse, no negative pulse elimination polarization function, the charger is not usually late in the charge of constant pressure, and cause the battery voltage exceeds the allowable value, resulting in a large number of condensate gas, battery water loss, fever. When the battery appears a little fever, it belongs to the normal fever. If the fever is abnormal, the battery belongs to the charger because of the good performance.
3. one of the batteries is short circuited
Nawan voltage can be measured with a multimeter of every battery, if found to have the very low voltage is short. A new battery is needed.
In fact, before the battery scrap there are signs, such as when the original battery charging is not hot, about a year of use (or even less) charging that the battery in the heat, (shell can touch the battery but most users feel) although feel strange but not too much because the feeling, did not interfere with the ride, mostly in the summer day suddenly occurred above the.
4. the battery itself
Battery aging, internal resistance becomes larger, electrolyte drying, internal short-circuit and other problems caused by the battery itself heating. Use the battery with the increase in the number of water molecules including discharging and charging, the battery loss gradually, resulting in heating of the battery during electrochemical reaction; in addition, the battery solution to form sulfate crystals in the process of charge and discharge, precipitation sticky on the plates, will cause the battery resistance increases and heat; and if the battery is caused due to short circuit battery heating, the best method is to replace the new battery.
Therefore, in choosing batteries, try to choose high quality and good reputation brand batteries, such as Asahi send batteries. Good brand battery quality is very perfect, service is better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.
In addition, in the charging process must always bear in mind that the manufacturer's instructions, and strictly abide by, especially the charging time, do not think that the longer the greater capacity for too long will damage the battery, and even lead to fire. And less, frequent charging and discharging, it will cause no small damage to the battery.

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