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Popular science articles! There are four main reasons you need to steer clear of EV batteries!

Date: 2017-06-01
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 "Loss of power" is a kind of damage to the battery plate coating caused by excessive discharge when the battery is low and the voltage is low. The working voltage of any vehicle mounted appliance has a standard range, more than this range, electrical appliances short circuit or even burn down, below this range, electrical appliances can not start or work properly, and even affect the service life.
The occurrence of electricity is not the case, mostly because the battery for a long time from the discharge, resulting in loss of electricity, or generated by the formation of sulfide. As long as the battery is in use or the power loss time is long, there will be varying degrees of vulcanization, while hindering the subsequent service life. If the situation is not serious, we can go to a professional electric car battery repair shop to try, as long as the damage is not serious, direct activation can be used.
Causes the electric vehicle battery to lose electricity the reason to have:
1 、 circuit fault
Electric vehicle charging system failure, such as voltage regulator, magnetic motor and other damage, will affect the performance of the battery, resulting in insufficient charging and loss of electricity and sulfur and other issues.
2, the starting method is wrong
Users in the purchase of new cars, frequent commissioning of electric starter, horn, turn lights, etc., so that it is easy to lead to increased battery power consumption.
3 、 the battery load is more
In recent years a number of electric car electric appliances, such as alarm, remote control electric start, hand belt lamp, mirror lamp, lamp and so on the one hand sitting positions, increase battery load, the battery discharge quantity increases, but is more likely to lose power; at the same time, these devices also affect the battery if the fault occurs performance.
4, improper riding
Long term low speed, short travel distance or frequent electrical startup, etc., or the use of time is too long at night, the former headlight discharge power is large, it is easy to cause insufficient battery charging and power loss and so on.
If there is a long time serious sulfide caused by the loss of electricity, Xiao Bian here is a strong reminder: we must not directly use your car charger charge! Because of the battery internal resistance, the assembly will burn you with the car charger, even if you can be charged with electricity, the battery's sulfur will be worse every day, will lead to shorter battery life or scrap.
Only the rational use of electric vehicle storage battery, can effectively make the battery life of electric vehicles to the extreme. When replacing batteries, it is recommended to select high quality, good reputation brand batteries, such as Asahi batteries. Asahi send battery quality is very strong, good service, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

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