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How will you cope with less than 10% of the remaining electric cars?

Date: 2017-06-01
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 [Abstract] endurance problems are seriously restricting the actual use of electric vehicles, when the electric car has 10% of the electricity, how do you deal with it?
The economic and environmental attributes of electric vehicles make it one of the most popular travel tools, but the endurance problem is seriously restricting the actual use of electric vehicles. Thus, in the author's "advocacy" electric cars will become the first choice for urban travel in the future, it was thrown to the author of a question, when the electric car still has 10% of the electricity, how do you deal with?
How will you cope with less than 10% of the remaining electric cars?
In fact, according to the author this cautious character is absolutely won't let it happen, mobile phone charging in time, less than 90% of electricity is not good, go out for a walk also did not forget to carry a bag, the bag with charging treasure, so that there is a sense of security.
However, in order to answer this question seriously, the author has done a lot of homework. I walk to the major electric vehicle forum, a number of related parameters obtained from senior modified God, made the chart to reflect the general relationship between electric vehicles under the motor power, battery capacity and mileage in the speed, general data and draw the power consumption per kilometer.
Because the power of the electric motor of the daily electric vehicle is centered around 800W, the power consumption per kilometer of the corresponding diagram is about 22Wh, of course, this is only the result of calculation. 48V 20Ah cells corresponding to common life, data of the 10% remaining power the most ideal but 4Km, but according to the actual experience, the remaining power of 10% how to achieve what the mileage difference is very large, basically broke down at any time distance is not far away.
What are the common solutions? If the distance is relatively close to home or work units, bite the bullet and ride the big deal, no electricity can also be implemented for a period; if the streets have the kind of electric vehicle fast charging station, braving the risk charge battery is bad to add a little bit of a power walk; it is not the electric car parked with a taxi back and leave the battery besides.
If I take an electric car charger with me, find a small shop and have a meal, and by charging half an hour, can I solve the urgent problem? Let's take a bill. Usually, it takes about 5-7 hours for an electric car battery to be fully charged. How much electricity can be charged in half an hour? Probably around 7%. Obviously, although 17% of the remaining electricity is much better than 10%, it will ride on the road all the time.
The remaining 10% of the electricity is electric cars can only live happily? I'm sorry, but it's not as bad as you think.
E charger with fast charger can add more power in a short time
If you're riding on a E, the situation will be much better. In fact, E in the remaining 10% of the electricity mileage mode at 4Km can run, even halfway depleted, the charger can fast charge version in 3-4 hours the battery is fully charged, half an hour of rest will be enough electricity to more than 25%, run 10 km should be no problem.
E passengers are gradually pushing the charging pile and changing the power station mode
The future will also establish E passenger station in the city, the user through the mobile phone APP search for the nearest distance station, you can pay a small fee to a full battery for vehicles, the moment the resurrection full of blood, like to motorcycle fuel, then life is not restricted.
So it's not terrible to have less than 10% of electricity. The terrible thing is that you don't have the ability to resurrect your blood in a short time.

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