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Do you know what is the biggest killer of electric charger?

Date: 2017-06-01
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 An electric vehicle charger is a device that converts a high voltage alternating current into a low voltage direct current and charges it to a battery. According to the characteristics of charger charging process, the current electric vehicle industry generally adopts three stage charger, which includes constant flow stage, constant voltage stage and trickle stage. Below explain the charger knowledge from several aspects.
1. appearance composition
The charging pool is usually made of plastic box, and can be divided into power input line (220V power plug), box body, charging indicator lamp, power supply output line (connected to electric vehicle battery) and model specification label. The charging indicator lamp is usually in 2 colors: the positive charge indicates red and the electricity is full of indication green. Model, specifications, stickers, special attention should be paid to the adaptation of the battery, voltage and current must be compared, the voltage mismatch is too high, the current mismatch is too large, will be charged batteries, to avoid unnecessary economic losses.
The charger circuit is divided into 3 parts according to the working principle: the voltage regulation part, the rectifier part and the charging control part. A pressure regulating part is reduced to 220V high voltage battery charging voltage is needed, such as voltage 48V charger needs to be adjusted to about 60V, is generally done by thetransformer; rectifier, we know that domestic 220V is alternating current, and the battery is DC, to charge the battery, you need to adjust the current DC, commonly used bridge rectifier circuit to complete charging; adjusting part is the core technology of the charger, adjust it undertakes the various stages of the charger feedback on the market common fault controller are generally the fault caused by the battery charge is bad.
2., the internal structure, we all know, transformers, capacitors, power tubes, resistors, these components as long as burned out will burn black, and if broken, you can do it yourself.
3. common specifications
The specifications of the electric vehicle charger must be matched with the battery. The specific matching method is shown in the following table. In addition, the common market price is also introduced:
4. usage
The charging voltage, charging current, positive and negative polarity of the A. charger shall be consistent with the required parameters of the charged cell;
When charging the B., plug in the battery connection and plug in the AC power plug. After the charging is finished, the AC power plug should be pulled out first and then the plug connected to the battery will be pulled out;
When the C. is charged normally, the charging indicator is red. After the electricity is full, the charging indicator is green. When no load, the charging indicator is green;
D. charger use environment 0 degrees ~40 DEG C (indoor limit);
E. batteries are not used for a long time, and the battery is supplied every 30 days or so;
F. charger has high pressure, is strictly prohibited to disassemble; do not touch the plug with wet hands; do not use in damp, flammable and explosive gas environment;
G. charger work, will produce a certain amount of heat, please pay attention to ventilation, forbid to cover foreign body on the charger; please do not carry with the car, so as not to cause damage. No charge for a rechargeable battery is forbidden;
In the process of using H. charger such as smoke, smell and other anomalies should be immediately cut off the power. The charger is out of order and may not be repaired without authorization. It must be returned to the manufacturer for maintenance;
I. uses the built-in fan cooling way charger, will have the certain noise when the work (namely fan leaves rotates when produces the air flow sound), belongs to the normal phenomenon.
5. common failures
A. charging indicator has been shown in green, because it is not connected with the battery charger end, internal charger output line circuit, battery box connecting line circuit and the battery box, the battery itself is damaged, the fuse burned red LED charger damage or failure;
The red light can turn green when charging B., the reason may be: the single battery voltage is too low, the battery damage caused serious water leakage current is too large, the battery temperature is too high in the battery charger leakage is too large, its damage caused by voltage control;
The C. indicator is not lit because of damage to the charger or indicator light;
D. fan abnormal or no turn due to fan damage or circuit fault.
In short, as the functional components of electric vehicle charger accessory, the damage rate is higher than other parts, apart from the product itself, "earthquake damage" and "rain water" is the two biggest killer of the charger, improve product quality in the premise of the manufacturers, users also need to avoid these problems; even businesses within 1 years give three bags of replacement, but a waste of time and waste of social resources, but we are not willing to happen.

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