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These charging methods are the most harmful to electric vehicle batteries, are you still doing it?

Date: 2017-06-01
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 In May, more and more high temperatures, the weather is getting hot, the mood of the person to be restless, but also to the environment of the electric vehicle charger charging restless, so pay attention to the electric vehicle charging, Yadi Jun remind drivers, improper charging damage to the battery is very large, with particular attention to.
Charging outdoors, charging the charger in the sun or charging in the rain
Many users who do not have a garage or parking garage can only park their electric cars in the open. If they are exposed to electricity in the sun, the battery is likely to drum up, and more likely to be a fire! If it rains, the charger will pour water, as have a lot of electronic components and accessories, in the case of electricity, water for the charger is easy to burn out, so short, charging more dangerous exposure or rain.
Charging time is too long, even charging all night
Many users of electric vehicles for convenience, often overnight charging more than 12 hours, sometimes even charging more than 20 hours, this will cause great damage to the battery charging battery, even more serious drum, may be a fire! But because the charger can Yadi, Yadi built-in smart chip, intelligent charging, charging complete intelligent power, namely power protection. (bad my Yadi Jun)
The charger is carried by car
Some users of electric vehicles, in order to convenient charging, the charger will bring love in the car, the electric car charger electronic components on the motherboard are welding, some large electronic components, may cause desoldering bumps, resulting in poor contact, causing the current instability and failure of charging protection function!
With the fast charger or inferior charger
The electric car industry there is a saying, battery is not bad, is full of bad, that is to say to cattle electric vehicles is not inferior charger waste, such as street fast charge, or simply used brand-name inferior charger, electronic components Hodge charger are basically using inferior materials, easy to damage, often appear the problem is the full battery does not turn the lights, not charging current according to the current battery charge, resulting in a large number of batteries, the battery will charge and overcharge after repeated drum. And fast charge, its high current charge led to serious water loss of batteries, long-term use is also an important cause of battery charging drum.
Stop charging as soon as you stop
Riding electric cars in the state, the battery itself will be fever, coupled with the hot weather, the temperature of the battery can even reach more than 70 DEG C, then to charge the battery water loss will aggravate the battery, reducing battery life, increasing the risk of battery drum. The correct way is to stop the electric vehicle for more than half an hour before the battery is cooled and recharged.
The charger is not ventilated around
When the charger is working, the ventilation condition is needed, so that a good heat radiation environment can be obtained. Otherwise, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and the fire situation is thus occurring.
The charger charge in direct sunlight
The battery also heats up during charging, and the charger itself is damaged if charged directly in the sun, especially on the cement floor.

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