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How to charge an electric car properly?

Date: 2017-06-01
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 Electric cars are now the most indispensable means of transportation in life. Basically, every family has one. So, do you know how to recharge it properly? Many people are not clear, the electric car battery should be no electricity, then recharge or a little electricity on the charge?. More and more people are riding electric cars on the street now, but there is very little to know about the correct way to charge batteries for electric vehicles. Today, how to charge the electric vehicle battery, for everyone to say:
1, to maintain the power full state of the battery, electric bicycle riding every day, regardless of 10-50km, charge shall be added to the battery in a "full" long-term, and charge the same day, run out of idle for a few days and then filling, easy plate curing, capacity decline.
2, regular deep discharge: it is recommended that you use two months after the two into a deep discharge, namely the long ride until undervoltage indication lights, power running out, and then to restore the battery charge capacity, but also so that you understand the current level of the battery capacity, if required by the maintenance of protection.
3, prohibit the loss of power storage: storage battery storage will seriously affect the service life, if the idle time is longer, the damage to the battery is more serious.
How to charge an electric car properly?
4, regular inspection: if you buy a new car mileage for the 50km in March, continued to occur within a severely reduced, such as a dozen kilometers, then use a multimeter to check voltage battery terminal value, generally full of electricity should be 39-42V, if less several volts, or open the battery box in which a battery voltage below 10.5V, may be the internal short circuit of single station at this time should be to find maintenance repair and replacement, to avoid damage to the other two battery. Also check the charger fault.
5. The design of the electric moped is 75kg, so avoid heavy objects. Use the pedal to help you when you start and uphill. Because the motor current increases, the battery discharge too fast, the voltage drops rapidly. The lower the discharge depth of the battery each time, the longer the capacitor's service life. Therefore, reducing the discharge of large current can prolong the service life of the battery and increase the mileage. In addition, no matter what kind of battery packs the battery is used, users should develop the good habit of using and following.
6, the winter battery capacity decreased with the temperature, which is a normal phenomenon, to 20 degrees as the standard, the general -10 DEG C capacity of 80%.
7. Keep the battery surface clean for a long time. Keep the car in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
8, the life of lead-acid batteries used in electric power assisted vehicles is closely related to the daily maintenance of users. Generally speaking, we should pay attention to the following points:
(1) the lower the discharge depth of each battery (the shorter the distance), the longer the battery life. At ordinary times, it is necessary to develop the good habit of using and charging.
(2) charging time should be different according to mileage length. The longer the mileage, the longer the charge time, otherwise the charge time will be controlled for 4-12 hours, and the charging time will not be long.
(3) when the battery needs to be placed for a long time, it must first supply enough electricity, usually every month.
(4) large current discharge has some damage to the battery, so it can be helped by pedaling when starting, uphill, load or wind.
(5) the charger should be equipped with a charger with a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity. Do not let the water enter the charger to prevent electric shock.
Pay attention to these points, your battery can be used more than usual for a long time, the electric car will run a little longer.

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