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The new six national standards for electric bicycles revised urgently need to be improved (two)

Date: 2017-06-01
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 China electric network commentator, guest writer Song Zikui] of course, the premise is: we only have the spirit of "scientific rigor and is conducive to the promotion of industry (industry) technology progress" for the purpose, it is helpful to improve the vehicle itself "integrated technical indicators (including safety performance index)" as the basic principle, and fully take into account (focus to more effectively improve the products ") practical performance", in order to meet a wide range of consumers is more ordinary people (the actual needs of the reasonable demands) as the ultimate goal, we can eliminate differences and reach a consensus ", and" the new national standard (six) "more perfect. Therefore, the above recommendation should not be understood or interpreted as a flexible approach. In order to fully clarify the above point of view, and the "supplement (fine)" by the "science and technology project (reasonable) and advanced", including: the product itself "safe and durable performance, and it has the economic and practical characteristics and obvious energy-saving effect. We might as well make the following more specific analysis and discussion (for reference):
1., on the basis of appropriately improving the design speed (default indicator), and the study of its safety and rationality
[preceding article]
2. the scientific (rational) and advanced study of the supplementary (refinement) scheme and its technical applications
2.1, how to improve the design speed (default indicator), how to improve vehicle climbing ability of the principle briefly
According to the "new six" of the relevant provisions: the maximum design speed (ie: speed limit index) for "no more than 25km/h", while the motor power rating index (nominal power) is "no more than 400W"". Obviously, when the "slope" when climbing, nominal power of 400W motor, the driving torque generated by or is obviously not enough, the dynamic performance of the vehicle (the climbing ability) will be subject to certain restrictions, it is difficult to adapt to the different regions (such as Hill Road) is the actual demand of more extensive users. Then, how can we effectively make up for (perfect) the "new six" deficiencies? A more effective solution, we may wish to change a way to explore the problems such as: in the vehicle itself can guarantee the safety performance, but to meet the demands of the "new six" related technical indicators (i.e.: speed 25km/h, motor power 400W) before the premise, we can improve the design speed through the appropriate "(can be seen as a the default index:)", will be able to increase the climbing ability of the vehicle. To this end, we have discussed in the foregoing (the previous) content, for the "new six" deficiencies, and made the corresponding "supplementary (refinement)" program, specifically for:
In a speeding off function, and technical measures to ensure the speed does not exceed the standard "before, but can be rate limiting index (25km/h), and the design of the speed (also called: the default rated speed) and the provisions of" strict distinction; the design speed is greater than the "speed limit" may be appropriate indicators, such as: the "the design speed" increasing 1.4 times the speed limit ", and to" design speed (default index) "to determine the motor nominal power" is not greater than 400W". And in this way, can meet the relevant provisions of "the new six" (the motor power 400W, speed 25km/h) "under the premise, the output torque of the motor can be increased 1.4 times, and then make the climbing ability of the vehicle (driving torque) increased 1.4 times. Indeed, as mentioned above, the solution usually raises questions (or questions), such as the supplemental (refinement) scheme, which increases the design speed to 1 of the speed limit. 4 times, the design speed is 25*1.4=35 (km/h); furthermore, in terms of design speed (default index 35km/h) to determine the nominal motor power is 400W, the equivalent power performance is improved by 1.4 times, when the vehicle speed by 35km/h (i.e., design speed or "preset speed"), to 25km/h (speed indicator) when driving, if they are converted into the power of the motor, the equivalent motor power can be increased by 1.4 times, which is 400*1.4=560 (W). Or so it is considered as an alternative approach (workarounds), but increasing the dynamic performance of the vehicle 1.4 times, or for the braking performance of vehicle "(braking distance)" and its security will be adversely affected.
In fact, for this, we have in previous paper, combined with the vehicle, road climbing etc. timely conditions in detail, and gives reference to clarify the conclusion: when a speeding off (including braking power) prerequisite function ", is" the design speed (preset index) "35km/h or by the" speed limit "of the 25km/h, to determine the motor rated power index (nominal power) for 400W, it is for the braking performance of vehicle (braking distance) and its security, there has been no significant difference between the two main basis (and related analysis, the author has given in the previous paper, for reference). However, even if we exclude the above "or involved (impact) questioned the product safety", but on the program "practical application", usually question (question), for example: it is usually assumed that the climbing ability of electric vehicles or only with the motor rated power index (nominal power) the size, and the "climbing ability" or so-called "design speed (default index)", is not very well understood.
As for the above related questions (questions), it is necessary to stress and make clear that...

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