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The new six items of national standard for electric bicycles should be improved (1)

Date: 2017-06-01
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 [Abstract] the establishment of the new "six articles" of the national standard for electric bicycles has made it possible to accelerate the introduction of the new national standard, so as to protect the broad masses of consumers, that is, more common people, public interests (Lu Quan), or beneficial.
The new six items of national standard for electric bicycles should be improved (1)
[China electric vehicle network commentator and guest writer Song Zikui] we only have the spirit of "scientific rigor and is conducive to the promotion of industry (industry) technology progress" for the purpose, it is helpful to improve the vehicle itself "integrated technical indicators (including safety performance indicators)" as the basic principle, and fully take into account (focus on) more effective improvement the product of "practical performance", in order to meet a wide range of consumers is more ordinary people (the actual needs of the reasonable demands) as the ultimate goal, we can eliminate differences and reach consensus, and the "new national standard (six)" more perfect.
Of course, the establishment of the national standard revision of electric bicycle "new six", it is to accelerate the introduction of new national standard, to ensure that consumers are more ordinary people or public interests (Lu Quan) is useful especially for governance; the so-called "exceed the standard car", to regulate the electric car industry healthy and orderly development, in order to improve the road traffic safety situation, the more positive side. There is no denying that. But relatively objectively speaking, the four ministries of the "new six" of the introduction or too strong, so that it will be revised for many years (easy to draft 13 times) of the "new national standard approval manuscript", almost entirely negative. And this, the electric car industry and its related enterprises, or difficult to accept and petitioned the relevant departments, the expression of the reasonable demands of the enterprise: that the "new six" for the relevant indicators involving products "practical performance" excessive restrictions, more difficult to adapt to the actual needs of consumers, which seriously restrict the sustainable development of the industry and the market marketing "; moreover, after a long process of revision and the formation of the" new national standard draft for approval (13 draft) ", after all, has its reasonable composition, if negated, and the basic national conditions, economic and social development of the people is not appropriate. Thus, the "new six" has not yet been able to get the electric car industry, including the backbone enterprises, including most enterprises generally agree. Fortunately, the key indicators relating to vehicle safety problems (i.e.: the maximum speed of not more than 25km/h), industry associations and enterprises most principle approval (Note: the new national standard draft for approval as the "highest speed 26km/h"). In view of this, we might as well take the "maximum speed limit 25km/h" as the focus of discussion (basic principles), and it is necessary to improve the "new six".
Of course, "after a long time study on coordination of the new six" is the four ministries (Party consensus and) and why such a consensus? Or because of the influence of many subjective and objective factors. Therefore, we may as well understand it as a result of the inevitable result of "a part of China's national conditions at present", but it can not be shifted by our subjective will. Therefore, hope in the "new six" in the short term to make the possibility of substantial adjustment and relatively little; objectively speaking, based on the "new six" framework to make some appropriate adjustments, and launched the "new GB" or the possibility of relatively large. But in order to avoid repeating the previous "electric motorcycle standard" mistakes, the relevant departments or choose the right time to introduce "new GB" the possibility still exists. If so, the time is still difficult to determine, or will be indefinitely dragged down. In view of this, we may as well seek a way of thinking about the more effective solution to the problem. For example, if you are "the new six" given "numbers" as a benchmark, or just on the part of the key terms "a supplement and refinement" will be; for the "new six" to "specific numbers", including: maximum speed, vehicle weight, electric power machine the battery voltage, and other terms (index), or it is easy to reach a consensus. To this end, I want to talk about the point of view, and try to draw out the corresponding optimization (optimization) program, in order to promote the "new national standard" as soon as possible. But we need to affirm that in view of the limited level, this article after the view and "supplement (fine)" program, or have not even wrong, please point them out, as follows (for reference):
According to the "new six" relevant content (terms) visible, it and the old GB (1999 present standard) contrast, is the biggest change or speed (maximum speed), vehicle weight (including battery), motor power (nominal value) and other indicators are appropriate to relax. However, if it is compared with the trade associations and the "standard committee", the "new national standard approval draft (13 draft)", it is not difficult to find: "without exception, all" discounted". Of course, for the current into the "electric bicycle category" non motor vehicle management, for security reasons, the maximum speed (index), restrictions on the relative safety of the reasonable range is necessary; but not all the other "numbers", with "discount" to reflect its safety not far fetched, or lack of rigor, at least the questionable practices. Fortunately, the "new six" for the appropriate relaxation "part of numbers" is recognized, and the "draft (13 draft)" formulation of indicators of convergence, which provides favorable conditions for the elimination of differences, to reach a consensus. ". But it still has to be pointed out that "the new six articles" are relative to each other

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