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Why is the summer electric vehicle battery easy to drum?

Date: 2019-08-09
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In the summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, which is very difficult for people, and it is also a severe test for electric vehicle batteries. Battery bulging phenomenon occurs frequently. What wrong behavior should we avoid for this phenomenon? If you have this situation too, then take a look!

      Wrong way 1: Charging immediately after use

      The summer weather is hot and the battery temperature is very high after riding the electric car. At this time, the charging will increase the battery water loss and increase the risk of the battery charging. It is best to wait for a while, and then charge the battery after cooling.

      Wrong way 2: Direct charging under the sun exposure

      Try to charge the battery in the shade or choose to charge the electric car in the evening. The battery will also heat up during charging. If it is charged in direct sunlight, it will also cause the battery to lose water and cause damage to the battery. It is recommended that the charger for the battery car be used for charging in the future, so that the battery will be good.

      Wrong way three: electric car charger is not dedicated to the car

      Many families now have two or more electric vehicles, and many electric vehicles are different brands and different models. The battery models are not the same. The chargers are naturally different and cannot be used universally. The correct way is to use special chargers for special vehicles.

      However, some electric vehicle users are often used in the process of use, even with a 60V charger to charge 48V battery, 20AH charger to charge 12AH battery, charging voltage and current do not match, this will cause the battery hurt. Therefore, it is recommended to use the conversion plug when charging, so that the voltage will be stable, it will not cause damage to the battery.

      Wrong way four: long-term use of inferior fast charging station to charge the battery

      Nowadays, many cities have a large number of fast charging stations. Many merchants are eager to buy cheap brand fast charging stations. They do not know that these inferior product line designs and components have great damage to the battery. Frequent use can cause serious decarburization and dehydration of the battery, which is also an important cause of battery charging.

      Many electric car owners found that they just had to change the battery for half a year, and finally understood that it was the result of frequent use of street-type fast-charging stations for a long time.

      Try to keep the battery 'satisfied' before going out, and reduce the number of times you use the fast charging station to charge.

Wrong way five: overcharge, even charge all night

      Many electric vehicle users often charge overnight for the convenience of the map. The charging time often exceeds 12 hours. Sometimes, even forgetting to cut off the power supply for more than 20 hours, this will inevitably cause great damage to the battery. Charging for a long time, it is easy to cause the battery to be charged due to overcharging. For those who can only charge at night, you can use the timed outlet or the cell charging station to charge the electric car, so after the time, the plug will automatically power off, so there will be no problem with the bulge.

      Wrong way six: often carry the charger with the car

      Even if the charger is of good quality, it is often carried with the car, which will cause the components to be desoldered, resulting in poor contact, resulting in unstable current during charging and failure of the protection function, causing the battery to be charged.

      Wrong way seven: use poor quality charger

      At present, the electric vehicle market is full of a large number of inferior chargers. The problem often arises: the battery does not turn after the battery is fully charged, and the charging current cannot be adjusted according to the current of the battery, resulting in overcharging of the battery. After repeated overcharging, the battery will appear. Drumming phenomenon.

      Error 8: The quality of the battery itself

      Some consumers are eager to buy cheap batteries. These inferior goods are not evenly acidified in the production process of the battery, the amount of acid is not enough, or it is originally refurbished or repaired. Even if the above problems are eliminated, there will still be a phenomenon of charging.

      In the summer, these ways of damaging the electric car battery are very easy to fill the battery.

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