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6 kinds of charging control for electric vehicle charger

Date: 2017-06-01
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 There are 6 main types of charger for electric vehicles, as follows:
1 peak voltage control: to determine the end of the charge by detecting the voltage of the battery, the charge will be terminated when the voltage reaches its peak value.
2, TCO control: when the battery temperature rises a certain value, stop charging.
3 time control. This is the simplest form of charging control for an electric car charger. The charging end is controlled by setting a certain charging time, which is normally controlled according to the corresponding time required by the nominal capacity of the battery. Standard charging usually adopts time control mode.
4 - a V control: this control mode is when the battery is full, the battery voltage will reach a peak, and then the voltage drop. When the voltage drops to a certain value, the charge is stopped.
5 temperature control: in the charging process of electric vehicle charger, the temperature will gradually rise. When the charge is full, the difference between the battery temperature and the ambient temperature will be maximum, and the charge will be stopped at this time.
6 dT/dt control: determine the end point of the charge by detecting the rate of change of the battery temperature relative to the charge time.

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