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Maintenance of electric vehicle batteries

Date: 2017-06-23
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How to do the maintenance of electric bicycle battery?

The first is to use high-quality electric vehicle charger, charger directly affect the life of electric vehicle battery.

Electric vehicle charger is generally 36V lead-acid battery constant current charger: main parameters: 220V AC input, the highest output voltage 42V, constant current charge current is 2.2V, when the voltage of the battery charge to 42V, then automatically switch to trickle mode, and full of instructions.

Batteries for electric vehicles are mainly divided into dry lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, etc. the voltage is divided into 36V (three 12V batteries) and 24V (two 12V batteries).

The battery is installed in the electric bike to be strong, when riding to prevent battery damage by vibration; often the battery cover to remove dust, dirt, keep the battery dry and clean, to prevent the battery self discharge; absolutely can not let the battery power in less than a state for a long time,

Good habits and to develop a rechargeable battery every night for electric bicycle; just starting when starting to use pedal power to avoid excessive discharge current and battery damage; when riding, be careful not to let the battery discharge, battery over discharge easily lead to serious loss of electricity,

Thus greatly shortening its service life. Electric bicycle generally have undervoltage protection function, when the battery power display is only a display light, you should immediately charge the battery, so as not to discharge the battery.

The connection line battery within a diameter not less than 1.5mm square, and the end of the line should be welded firmly, such as weld will appear too small or the low voltage controller, riding weakness, premature undervoltage, line heat etc.. When the above features appear,

If there is no problem with the external circuit of the vehicle, please open the battery box to see if it is caused by the reason here.

Charging and discharging of the battery, the electrochemical reaction occurs in the battery electrode, the higher the temperature, the activity characteristics of the increase cell activity, reduce the viscosity of electrolyte, resistance is reduced, so the electrochemical easily, otherwise easy to discharge, when the temperature is low,

The lower the discharge capacity, at a particularly low temperature, the discharge capacity will drop substantially, the high temperature is the opposite; the lower the charge temperature, the lower the ability to accept the charge, the higher charging voltage requirements, in order to adequate electricity. Conversely, the higher the temperature, the better the ability to charge,

It is easy to overcharge, so it is not necessary to reduce charging voltage. This temperature change directly affects battery charging and discharging performance


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