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Shenzhen Jin Mo brownouts for the electric bicycle charging pile

Date: 2017-06-06
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[Caixin] (reporter Wang Jing) to "tube generation limit", Shenzhen electric bicycle management ideas have gradually clear. According to "Nanfang Daily" reported on November 15th, Shenzhen, Baoan intends to build 3597 electric bicycle charging pile in the region, of which the number of electric vehicles more manhole street plans to build 80.

Located in the west of Shenzhen, Baoan District has a large number of industrial parks, and it is also a gathering place for migrant workers. Living in an industrial park, electric bicycles are an extremely convenient means of transportation.

"Nanfang Daily" reported that the reason for Baoan District to build electric bicycle charging pile is: electric bicycle charging pile is a major fire hazard, Baoan District hopes to hand the prohibition of electric vehicles in the indoor charging, on the other hand, to meet the requirements of residents' use of electric bicycle.

The report also said that Baoan District has built 253 bike charging pile. In the convenience of charging management department of Xin'an street, 2 yuan coin can make an electric bike full of electricity; in the electric bicycle community's central repository, there is someone on duty 24 hours, to prevent vehicle theft and fire heating charging pile.

This is the other side of Shenzhen this year, severely "Jin Mo brownouts".

Shenzhen "Jin Mo brownouts" began in late March of this year. (see "Shenzhen Jin Mo brownouts express industry to be added, electric gap") rigid law enforcement repeatedly caused controversy in Shenzhen. In fact, the so-called "power rationing" in Shenzhen mainly refers to the illegal use of electric bicycles.

In addition, the electric bicycle standards adopted in 1999 the "electric bicycle general technical conditions", the two wheel vehicle exceeds this standard, published in the 2009 state of the "electric motorcycle and electric moped general technical conditions", is listed as "portable electric motorcycle" or "electric motorcycle", was also classified as motor vehicles, as a "public" category.

Therefore, although Shenzhen "Jin Mo brownouts" is known as "the history of the most stringent, but in actual operation, and no real restrictions on public demand for electric bicycles meet the standards of the. This is also the basis for the management and service of electric bicycles in Shenzhen.

The general technical requirements of electric bicycles require that the weight of electric bicycles should be below 40 kg and the speed is below 20 kilometers per hour. At present, the mainstream of the market two wheeled electric vehicles, most have been included in the ranks of electric motorcycles. After many in the country "Jin Mo brownouts insiders", called for the introduction of national standards.

In November 9, 2016, the State Ministry website made public comments on the national standard project of "electric bicycle safety technical specifications". The project proposal said: electric bicycles can meet the consumer's daily short trip demand, with low energy consumption, low emission, low pollution characteristics, help to ease urban congestion and improve the quality of the air environment. With the development of society and the upgrading of electric bicycle products, the national standards for electric bicycle general technical standards issued in 1999 have gradually exposed some problems, and the standards need to be revised.

The project proposal also shows that the electric bicycle safety technical specifications will be completed in 2019, and will be the mandatory standard for the production of electric bicycles in china. The main contents include maximum speed, braking performance and flame retardance.

According to the National Bureau of statistics consumer products industry division, from January 2016 to September, China has produced 22 million 558 thousand electric bicycles, an increase of 4.6%.

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