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Four major causes of electric car fire! In addition to the reasonable charge, cheap charger really c

Date: 2017-06-16
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Some people say that electric cars are not safe, because there are many cases of burning and burning of batteries every year. In fact, the only reason is that the amount of users is very large. In the current electric vehicle ownership in 180 million -2 million vehicles to calculate, if the lead-acid battery combustion accident rate is 10, 1/10000 probability, then every year there are nearly 1800-2000 such accidents. In these accidents, occurred in the dead of night at the time, which accounts for more than half, mainly due to the following reasons:

1, high temperature seasons occur at higher frequencies during the night. Lead-acid battery charging in high temperature season, the frequent occurrence of fire, because the battery temperature is too high, the driver should turn off the power in the use of electric vehicles, battery cooling slowly, then charge, but some people immediately stop charging, the current breakdown caused by short circuit fire diaphragm. Because the dead of night, people are asleep, the battery is assembled in the car, the battery burned to the plastic parts and other parts of the electric vehicle to spread to the surrounding area, which led to a fire.

2, charger quality is poor, no overcharge protection. The charger should have two kinds: one is the overcharge protection device, once the battery charge, the charger will automatically cut off the power supply, do not let the battery in charge; the other is a charger, after fully charging the green light into red, to remind the user to unplug the power. However, the ordinary charger is still green when it is full, and the battery is in overcharge state, which causes the diaphragm in the battery to be broken by the current. As the electric car parked in a large number of clothing and flammable and explosive substances near, causing the battery to cause fire accidents after charging.

3, a wire, a number of chargers in use, if one of the electric car charger, wiring aging, short circuit, will cause the entire electric vehicle battery is burning, leading to the next to the electric car is burning. The accident occurred in the general residential parking shed.

4. The power cord is exposed to rain. Part of the electric car charging at night, because there is no consideration to rain, so the electric car placed open charging, night, under the rain, the rain drops into the socket caused by fire, burning wires spread to the battery, the battery caused by combustion.

In addition to the above reasons lead to the occurrence of fire incidents, and the other part can not be ignored, the charger manufacturers use the material does not pass, will appear a long time wire aging, the aging of components in the charger which leads to the performance degradation or failure. As the charger and other electrical equipment has not been included in the national standard, judging the quality of the charger is good and bad, but also rely on strict inspection of vehicle enterprises. So, buy chargers or try to choose large brands, or you have used many times, feel good quality brand.


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