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2017 - 06 - 16
Some people say that electric cars are not safe, because there are many cases of burning and burning of batteries every year. In fact, the only reason is that the amount of users is very large. In the current electric vehicle ownership in 180 million -2 million vehicles to calculate, if the lead-acid battery combustion accident rate is 10, 1/10000 probability, then every year there are nearly 1800-2000 such accidents. In these accidents, occurred in the dead of night at the time, which accounts for more than half, mainly due to the following reasons:1, high temperature seasons occur at higher ...
2017 - 06 - 16
11, in the county of West Lane on the sidewalk, there are 4 groups of vertical charging pile, each charging pile is provided with 4 one-way AC sockets, each socket has two-way plug and three to plug all of a group of 4 vertical charging pile at the same time to the 32 electric car charging. It is understood that the charging pile by near commercial street management company set up, install centralized parking area in electric vehicles, in the commercial street business operators are free to use.
2017 - 06 - 16
[Abstract] on the official website of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council on]6, 13, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued the "parallel management measures for the average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and new energy vehicles" (draft). The draft stipulates that car manufacturers must sell electric or plug-in hybrid car enough, in 2018 before the equivalent of 8% of the sales of "credit score", to 10% in 2019, 12% in 2020.Foreign media said that this bill to adhere to a strict quota of electric vehicles, ignoring the China Prime Ministe...
2017 - 06 - 16
Zhongguancun online news: Recently, CCTV "weekly quality report" exposure of the electric vehicle charger sampling rate of 9 of the news, so the fire is caused by successive. This news out, it triggered the public for this emerging travel tools security concerns, but also the country's 200 million electric vehicles pushed to the cusp.Indeed, in recent years, the electric car industry price war, let more and more cheap cars flooded the market, causing many unscrupulous businessmen disregard the safety of users, only for the cost caused by the product of rough rotten system; at the...
2017 - 06 - 23
Batteries usually have to complete two tasks, the first is as soon as possible to restore the battery rated capacity, the other is to use small current charging battery, supplemented by self discharge and loss of energy, in order to maintain battery rated capacity. During the charging process, the lead sulfate on the negative plate of the lead acid battery gradually precipitated lead, and the lead sulfate on the positive plate gradually generated two lead oxide. When lead sulfate and two lead oxide are completely produced on the positive and negative plates, the battery begins to overcharge an...
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