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2017 - 06 - 01
Electric cars are now the most indispensable means of transportation in life. Basically, every family has one. So, do you know how to recharge it properly? Many people are not clear, the electric car battery should be no electricity, then recharge or a little electricity on the charge?. More and more people are riding electric cars on the street now, but there is very little to know about the correct way to charge batteries for electric vehicles. Today, how to charge the electric vehicle battery, for everyone to say:1, to maintain the power full state of the battery, electric bicycle riding ev...
2017 - 06 - 01
Electric car charger principle, the charger control chip is generally based on the TL494 as the core, to promote the 2 13007 high voltage triode. In combination with LM324 (4 operational amplifier), the three stage charging is realized. 220V AC rectifier through D1-D4, C5 filter to get about 300V direct current. This voltage charges the C4 and initiates the current through the TF1 high voltage winding, the TF2 main winding, and the V2. The TF2 feedback winding generates an induced voltage that turns the V1 and V2 in turn. Therefore, the low-voltage power supply winding in TF1 generates voltage...
2017 - 06 - 01
[Abstract] the establishment of the new "six articles" of the national standard for electric bicycles has made it possible to accelerate the introduction of the new national standard, so as to protect the broad masses of consumers, that is, more common people, public interests (Lu Quan), or beneficial.The new six items of national standard for electric bicycles should be improved (1)[China electric vehicle network commentator and guest writer Song Zikui] we only have the spirit of "scientific rigor and is conducive to the promotion of industry (industry) technology progress"...
2017 - 06 - 01
China electric network commentator, guest writer Song Zikui] of course, the premise is: we only have the spirit of "scientific rigor and is conducive to the promotion of industry (industry) technology progress" for the purpose, it is helpful to improve the vehicle itself "integrated technical indicators (including safety performance index)" as the basic principle, and fully take into account (focus to more effectively improve the products ") practical performance", in order to meet a wide range of consumers is more ordinary people (the actual needs of the reasonab...
2017 - 06 - 01
Yesterday, the Zhengzhou marine Road community, there has been a special intelligent electric vehicle charging station device, as long as the use of mobile phones to sweep away, you can easily charge for electric vehicles.Zhengzhou pilot intelligent charging pileMobile phone scanning code can charge for electric vehiclesThe charging system is full of automatic power-off, electric heating wire, overload protection and so on. It can prevent short circuit fire caused by overchargeElectric cars are cheap and easy to use, but in recent years, fires caused by electric cars have also been on the rise...
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